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More media friendly music!

All the short demos below are available in media friendly edits, stings, instrumentals, extended versions and underscores - If you need stems or remixes; no problem! 

electro news

A dramatic news / current affairs type vibe.


back to the 90's

90's style piano pop / dance groove

Anchor 1

moment in the sun 

Up-beat, foot-tapping instrumental - there's versions with vocals in the 'Music for Children' and the 'Feel Good Music' sections.

today will be a better day

Optimistic instrumental - listen to the vocal version in the 'Feel Good Music' section.

Careless Love

A short edit of this traditional song - with brushed snare, guitar, piano and double bass.

In the bleak midwinter

A short excerpt from this traditional piece of Christmas or winter music.

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