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Music for Children

Happy, fun music for childrens' T.V,

commercials and other media - some with  reference to the past - some more contemporary.

All the short demos below are available in media

friendly edits, stings, instrumentals,

extended versions and underscores - If you need stems or remixes, no problem!


moment in the sun

Upbeat, catchy tune - great for a T.V commercial! There's a mix with adult's vocals in the 'Feel Good Music' section - and an instrumental in the 'Other Stuff' section. 

play time!

A retro, quirky piece with a hint of 70's nostalgia!

we can work together

It's all about people getting along and working together!


A little girl gazes up at the night sky ....

the cheeky kazoo

A fun tune featuring kazoo, guitar and double bass. There's a longer version with washboard in the 'Feel Good Music' section 


Another quirky, upbeat, fun track.

electro energy

Fast paced, energetic piece.

Lullaby for oscar

Calming solo piano - lots more solo piano music available. 

Toy Soldiers

Quirky & Fun! 

A day to Play

Animal Alphabet

Funny 'sing along' alphabet song

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